The Need for Proton Therapy

With just 24 existing proton therapy centers in the United States, only 3.6% of cancer patients eligible for proton therapy will actually be able to receive it this year.

More than 1.7 million people will be diagnosed with cancer this year in the US, and of those cases, 340,000 will be eligible for proton therapy. However, with just 24 existing centers in the US that can treat a mere 22,100 patients each year, 1,700 more treatment rooms are needed – at an average cost of $150 million per facility. The need is even greater around the world.

With the SC360, ProNova is changing that. ProNova leverages superconducting magnet technology in both the cyclotron and treatment gantry to dramatically reduce the size, weight and power, without sacrificing today’s most important clinical capabilities. The SC360 provides the precision of proton therapy at half the costs of other proton systems. Learn more.