​A no-compromise solution, the SC360 leverages superconducting magnet technology in both the cyclotron and treatment gantry to dramatically reduce the size, weight and power required to deliver proton therapy treatment. This leads to a more cost effective solution without sacrificing today’s most important clinical capabilities.


Superconducting Magnet Technology

Superconducting magnets have multiple benefits; not only are they dramatically smaller in size, weight and power consumption, they also have a magnetic field 2x higher than those used in today’s cyclotrons and gantries, in addition to a 0.5x bend radius. Taking advantage of this technology, the SC360 maintains 360° rotation similar to radiation therapy, while the dramatically smaller size and weight allows for ample room for full ring imaging at isocenter and simplified shipping and installation, reducing cost and time to market.


Efficient Two-Room Design

The SC360’s most efficient solution uses one cyclotron connected to two gantries. This two-room solution provides the optimal balance of performance and efficiency. Single and three-room solutions are also available, providing ultimate flexibility.