​Our Team

The ProNova team has a strong history of innovation. Founded to meet the needs of cancer patients, we’re committed to making proton therapy accessible to a greater number of patients and physicians.

ProNova Founders

Terry Douglass

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer

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Joseph Matteo

Division President of ProNova Solutions, R&D and Manufacturing

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Mary Lou DuBois

Division President of ProNova, President of Provision Health Partners

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Tom Welch

Division President of ProNova Proton Centers

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Experts in Innovation

Founded by the leaders of CTI Molecular Imaging -- acquired by Siemens Medical Solutions for $1 billion in 2005 -- ProNova develops optimal solutions for the needs of the proton market through collaboration with established proton suppliers and providers. Connected to Provision Health Alliance and the Provision Center for Proton Therapy, we serve as the only “Total Solutions” provider in proton therapy.



CTI led the commercial development and commercialization of PET and established PETNET Solutions, the first and one of the largest suppliers of PET Radiopharmaceuticals in the world. We developed the first PET scanner in 1976, our efforts leading to FDA approval of PET, which has lead to the delivery of PET and PET/CT scanners worldwide.


Self-Shielded Cyclotron

Our team developed the first self-shielded, fully automated cyclotron in 1989, further perfecting the self shield design by reducing the size, weight and power and making it easier to install in hospitals and distributions centers all over the world. CTI Cyclotron Systems quickly became one of the largest suppliers of cyclotrons in the world.



ProNova is partnered with some of the leading healthcare and proton therapy providers and developers in the country, including Provision Health Alliance of Knoxville, Provision Center for Proton Therapy (PCPT), ProCure, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the University of Tennessee and Indiana University Health.